China International Association for Promotion of Science and Technology (CIAPST)

CIAPST is a national association for science and technology in China. CIAPST was established in 1988 through the approval of the LeadershipCouncil of Science and Technology under the State Department of the People's Republic of China.To promote the development of science andtechnology for the purpose .And merging science and technology with market economy,and to strengthen the internationa1 exchange of science technology.


Security Identification Union (SID)

SID is a national association under the leadership of CIAPST, whose headquarter is located in Beijing, China. It has been promoting global security industry cooperation and technology applications for 20 years, and has participated in a large number of major national projects in the field of identity security in China. Now it has more than 200 membership units and is the only professional association dedicated to security documents and identification in China.


The First Research Institude of the Minisitry of Public Security

The institute is a comprehensive research institute directly under the Ministry of Public Security in China. For a long time, it hasfor providing products, system solutions, engineering implementation and technical services for public security work and social security. The institute is the China's ID document research administration agency.


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International Hologram Manucaturers Association(IHMA)


Reconnaissance International


Research Institute of Information and Technology of 
National Immigration Administration

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China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPM)


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Security Identification Union(SID)

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