Qinglei anti-counterfeiting technology is the only company in China and one of the few companies in the world with high-tech processes such as banknote level engraving gravure printing and micro nano laser holography. Founded in 1983, it has 35 years of experience in the anti-counterfeiting and security printing industry and has the world's top anti-counterfeiting product production equipment, In addition, the recently developed variable information hiding system provides customers with all-round customized services to solve their problems in anti-counterfeiting and security control.


Business philosophy

We believe that shareholders, employees and customers are the three indispensable pillars for the survival and growth of the enterprise. Only by satisfying them wholeheartedly and continuously can we extend the life of the enterprise infinitely. Therefore, the following points will be the subject of our persistence and continuous efforts. 1. Fulfill corporate responsibility for customers 2 Provide employees with a fair, open and reasonable working environment 3 Pursue the maximum reasonable profit for shareholders.